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Te Tennessee Valley Bugle page 7 page 6 Services for Veterans For veterans who haven’t interviewed for a job in years, in some instances never, mock interviews are encouraged before the real job interview and are available via appointment. By Deione L. Crutcher Disabled Veterans can request to visit a representative in the Disabled Veteran department. Because these representatives are also veterans they can not only relate but can refer to other community agencies that service Let today be Veteran’s Day. It is not enough disabled veterans. It’s our job to network to create a support system for disabled veterans. to honor veterans two times out of the year. A wall immortalizing those who died to keep our For veterans who want to stay informed on upcoming job fairs and other employment events, like and follow county free does not equate to the amount of the Huntsville Career Center Facebook page. blood, sweat and tears of the American Veteran. American fags blowing from the porch of every The Alabama Career Center System appreciates veterans as if it’s Veteran’s Day every day. Well at least Monday house does begin to symbolize the gratitude we – Friday from 7:45 am to 4:45 pm. For more information contact the Huntsville Career Center at 256-851-0537. should hold for the veteran. To salute veterans daily, programs have been established across the United States designed to help veterans return to a normal life after service Deione L. Crutcher served as a Military Policeman in the U.S. to our country. One such agency is the Alabama Army during 1994 – 1996 in Ft. Lewis, Washington before moving Department of Labor Career Center System. to Huntsville, Alabama, February 1997. She has since earned a BA It might not sound like much, but as a veteran Communications and a BASW degree. She transitioned from the I feel pride and appreciation every time I enter the building. We didn’t serve for recognition, but our service Alabama Education System to the Alabama Department of Labor is appreciated. Inside, a team of veteran representatives ofer special services ranging from resume writing, March 1, 2017 and is the Local Veterans Employment Representative implementing interviewing techniques, individualized case management, federal/state resume writing classes and assistance fnding a career sensitive of individual disabilities. The team comprised of Disabled Veteran for the Huntsville Career Center System. Outreach Program Specialists and a Local Veterans Employment Representative who works to fnd employers who are eager to hire veterans send direct veteran referrals to the multitude of companies that do. Although veterans have priority, there are grant funded programs ofered through the Huntsville Career Center for everyone. Grant money goes towards educational training, helps qualify individuals for on the job training and provide worked based learning employment for individuals who need experience for a resume. For those without internet service or needing assistance applying for jobs online, a resource room complete with computers and printing capabilities is strategically placed in the front area so job seekers can get assistance from Career Center specialist. A resume always looks great to the individual who wrote it. But everyone will tell you, always get a second look. Upon request, an employment representative will glance at resumes and determine if there is a need to sit with a representative to work on wording and/or format. Thought for the day! George Washington Carver "A great Alabamian" Challenged us with this great quote'! "No individual has any right to come into the world and go out of it without leaving behind him distinct and legitimate reasons for having passed through it." Veterans don't have to worry about whether they made a diference. Have you made a diference? Contributed by Alabama State Representative Jim Patterson WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com
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