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Te Tennessee Valley Bugle page 5 page 4 NEWS RELEASE: President Donald J. Trump to Award the Medal of Honor WASHINGTON, DC On October 23, 2017, President Donald J. Trump will award the Medal of Honor to United States Army Captain Gary M. Rose (retired) for conspicuous gallantry during the Vietnam War. Captain Rose will receive the Medal of Honor for voluntarily risking his life on multiple occasions during combat operations, while serving as a medic with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne). From September 11 through September 14, 1970, while his unit was engaged with a much larger force deep in enemy-controlled territory, then-Sergeant Rose repeatedly ran into the line of enemy fre to provide critical medical aid to his comrades, using his own body on one occasion to shield a wounded American from harm. On the fnal day of the mission, although wounded himself, Sergeant Rose voluntarily exposed himself to enemy fre while moving wounded personnel to the extraction point, loading them into helicopters, and helping to repel an enemy assault on the American position. As he boarded the fnal extraction helicopter, intense enemy fre hit the helicopter, causing it to crash shortly after takeof. Again, ignoring his own injuries, Sergeant Rose pulled the helicopter crew and members of his unit from the burning wreckage and provided medical aid until another extraction helicopter arrived. Enlisted in the Army after attending San Fernando State College. He attended Ofcer Candidate School in 1973 and earned a bachelor’s degree in general education and military science from Cameron University in 1977. He retired from the Army in 1987. After retiring, Captain Rose earned a master’s degree in communication from the University of Oklahoma and later worked as a technical consultant in the defense and automobile industries, developing user and maintenance manuals and training programs and materials. Captain Rose lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with his wife Margaret, and is involved in a number of charitable organizations. He is a lifetime member of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, the Knights of Columbus, the Military Ofcers Association of America, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, the Special Forces Association, the Special Operations Association, and the Vietnam Veterans Association. He and Margaret have two daughters, Sarah and Claire, and one son, Michael. WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com
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