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Te Tennessee Valley Bugle page 3 page 2 He Waited 70 Years you have friends like Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army for North Alabama, Dr. Joe Fitzgerald who breaks the formality of the event to have everyone sing happy birthday, you watch as he is awarded a hymnal from retired Colonel and Army Chaplain Coy Hallmark that was printed in 1944 for our soldiers overseas, and then you listened to retired Command Sgt Major John Perry speak such kind words of a man that he had never met. Retired Colonel Tom Brown walked over to my grandfather, on his birthday and presented him with his by Kiley Kinzer Henry participation medal complete with the bronze stars. After a certain point in life people seem to start caring about the accomplishments of our older family Was it a day that was lost in translation? Does it lessen his service from being wounded and pulling friends members. They become campfre talks and things to tell the grandkids. I have always heard the story of how out of a fre so that they could go home to their family? As we have all learned in life. just because you didn't my grandfather was injured in WW2 and I got to see the wallet he had on him that has blood stains still on it. see it happen, and it is not written down, doesn't mean it didn't happen. I always made sure to praise him on holiday and special occasions. Why do we do that? Why do we wait for a reason? After 97 years of life it seems that my grandfather would just be happy with where he has come in his life. However, he doesn't feel complete. We have started a deeper research into trying fnd anything that can show what happened that day so many years ago to make the steps needed to fnd the Bronze Star that he has earned. We don't stop fghting for our Veterans just because they are growing older. We take the time, track down the paperwork and call on friends to help. Ever since he was in the war he has been waiting for the Bronze Star that he earned while in combat. He ran into a burning building and pulled out several of his men. Unfortunately not all of them survived. There was also no recorded record of his heroism or the fact that he earned this Bronze Star. He had a fabulous birthday, one that he will never forget. I felt honored to be standing in a room flled with friends, family, and military greatness that were all there to honor my grandfather. What a blessing. My mom started mailing the VA asking about his records and how to track down his Bronze Star. My mom went to check the mail one day and inside of a plain envelope was a small cardboard box and a letter explaining My mother, Mary Jo Kinzer that his bronze star was included. Imagine how happy she was, elated, tearful and overjoyed. McElhaney & my grandfather, Sgt. George Ling. She started making plans to celebrate my grandfather's 97th birthday with family and friends at the Huntsville Below, left to right, Madison County Veterans Memorial and present him his bronze star. Upon further inspection of the medal Kiley Kinzer Henry, Tabitha Henry, it was found that the medal he received in the mail was not the long awaited bronze star, but a participation Ainsley Kinzer, Kinzer Henry, medal with the 3 small bronze battle stars. There was honestly no way for my mom, a civilian, to know the Sgt George Lung, Mary Jo Kinzer diference. No one was going to know the diference that day either. McElhaney, David McElhaney, Dt. Joe Fitzgerald. My grandfather is legally blind, so he was unknowing of this mixup. I hated having to tell my mom after how No t sho wn, hard she worked for that the bronze star, as stated in the letter from the VA, was in fact not the spectacular Brett Kinzer, top honor he had been expecting for 70 years. I called all of the planners of his special day and explained the Sarah Kinzer, happenings and they were all not hesitant at all to continue with the celebration. Josiah, Kinzer, Command Sgt M a jo r J o hn The day came and it was standing room only. So many people showed up that we actually needed to change Perry, Beverly rooms at the venue to accomodate everyone. The rain that day made it impossible to have the event outdoors. Lowe, Bugler Bob Bacchus. He was so proud for himself, and my mom because he was thankful to fnally be recognized for his heroism. So, at 97 years old do you tell him it is not the medal he was expecting? No, absolutely not. On his 97th birthday WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com WWW.TennesseeValleyBugle.Com
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